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Whether you are a family member, a caretaker or an executor, we will advise you about your options in the matter and undertake the course of action that best meets your goals. Although some cases may be resolved quickly through mediation or notification of intent to contest; others may require protracted court action. Our attorneys are committed to finding a resolution to problems related to estates as quickly and effectively as possible.

SGD&R help clients resolve problems through estate litigation, including:

  • Claims that someone — often a caretaker or relative — unduly influenced the decedent to make a will or execute a trust in his or her favor or even forged the signature of the deceased.
  • Claims that a testator was not mentally or physically competent to make a will or devise a trust and could not understand his or her decisions.
  • Claims that assets included in a will or trust had been transferred because of undue influence or lack of capacity
  • Claims that correct accounting processes were not followed
  • Claims that an executor or trustee is engaging in malfeasance or mismanagement
  • Claims that the intent of the testator is unclear or the language of the will or trust is not precise

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