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Property and debt division is typically one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Each party has his or her own unique idea of how the marital property should be divided, and it is not uncommon for heated disagreements to erupt. This situation can only serve to create additional stress and unnecessary animosity.

At Starr, Gern, Davison & Rubin, P.C., we have handled New Jersey family law issues for over three decades. We understand the importance of reaching a satisfactory property settlement. Quality of life for the former spouses and their children will be impacted. We take seriously our job to advocate for the best possible outcomes on behalf of our clients, so their post-divorce lives can be as comfortable as possible.

New Jersey Property Division: Equitable Distribution

New Jersey is an “equitable distribution” state. That means courts will divide marital assets and debts “fairly,” which may not always mean 50-50. Courts are required to consider many factors, and it is our job as property division lawyers to help judges understand and appropriately apply the statutory factors to your divorce. Among the many factors are:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Standard of living established during marriage
  • Whether the custodial parent needs to live in the marital home
  • Age or health of each spouse
  • The amount of debt, whether owed as a couple or as individuals

All Types of Property Must Be Considered

Our family law attorneys possess the experience and sophistication to divide the most complex marital estates. We routinely hire accountants to determine the fair market value of a couple’s assets, including:

  • Businesses and professional practices
  • The marital home and other real estate
  • Retirement savings and 401(k)s
  • Stocks and investments (including stock options and restricted stock units (“RSU’s”)
  • Works of art and other valuables

Safeguarding You Against Unfair Debt

By the time you get divorced, you and your spouse may have taken on significant debt. It is extremely important to protect yourself from having to take on more than your fair share of credit card bills, past-due mortgage payments or other large liabilities. Together with our roster of financial experts, we will work to determine who is ultimately responsible for each particular debt.

Our Lawyers Can Handle Your Asset Distribution and Protection Concerns

With decades of experience helping divorce clients with their property division concerns, you can rely on our firm for dedicated legal assistance. Contact our family law lawyers at (973) 403-9200 (fax 973-364-1403) or contact them online at You may also contact our family law litigators directly at or We have a convenient office location in Roseland near Route 24 and right off Route 280. We also offer evening and weekend appointments and accept major credit cards.

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