David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a tractor-trailer/car accident for over $805,000 for our 28-year-old Belvidere, NJ client.

June, 2024 – Our client sustained a post-concussion syndrome from a TBI, and visual-vestibular impairment which rendered him vocationally disabled. Our client was taken to the ER by ambulance, where he was treated for multiple traumas. A CT of the brain diagnosed a 2 to 3 mm right subdural hematoma. He came under the care of a neurologist, who noted complaints of forgetfulness, headaches, periods of nausea, difficulty with memory and concentration, lightheadedness, dizziness, periods of vertigo with head movement, poor sleep, and appetite difficulty. He also diagnosed limited convergence extraocular movement and other visual limitations, for which he sought vision therapy. Upon referral for neuropsychological treatment, he was found to have short term memory loss and forgetfulness, with difficulty concentrating on routine tasks. A vocational assessment of our client found that he was unemployable for any job existing in the competitive labor market, based on his limited employment history, resulting in a multi-million-dollar loss, far exceeding available insurance policy, which had to be shared with another victim, and the property damage payments made on 2 destroyed vehicles.