Stewart Miller and Shelley Stangler settled an auto accident claim for a 55-year-old Long Branch math teacher for the policy limit of $100,000.

June, 2024 – Our client was taken to the ER from the scene of the accident by ambulance. Shortly thereafter, an audiology test at a local hospital revealed sensorineural hearing loss in the left ear and abnormal cochlear sensitivity in the left ear. She sought chiropractic and pain management care, and eventually consulted a neurosurgeon for persistent headaches, left ear ringing, photophobia, and cervical/lumbar radiculopathy. Further, she was referred for MRI studies of her cervical and lumbar spine which diagnosed herniations and bulges, which led to the need for a lumbar epidural procedure. As a full-time vocational schoolteacher she had significant difficulty standing in the classroom, and interacting with students due to her hearing limitations. We were able to overcome the limitation on threshold applicable to this claim, and potential issues relating to prior back injuries.