Starr Gern settles motor vehicle accident claim on behalf of a 21-year-old college student from Rutherford, New Jersey, for maximum available insurance policy limits.

February 2011

On February 25, 2011, Partner Jeffrey A. Rizika settled a motor vehicle accident claim on behalf of a 21 year old college student from Rutherford who was injured in December of 2007 while driving in a parking lot of a strip mall on Route 17 South in Rutherford, NJ, when she was struck by a commercial box truck that was backing out of a parking spot without watch where they were going. The impact caused her vehicle to be pushed sideways. As a result of the accident, the client sustained injuries to her back and left knee. After undergoing 3 epidural steroid injections/nerve blocks and 1 facet joint injection in her lower back which gave her little relief, she underwent a one level lumbar discectomy and annuloplasty surgery on her back. As a result of the injuries sustained in this accident, she missed a number of days from school, including a final examination. The case was settled for $100,000, which was the maximum amount available from the drivers insurance policy, on the eve of trial.

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