Starr Gern Recovers $250,000 for Millburn, New Jersey, Woman Neck, Back, Wrist, Jaw, and Psychological Injuries in Automobile Collision.

June 2009

On March 31, 2005, in Millburn New Jersey, the plaintiff was traveling on Morris Turnpike when another vehicle disregarded a stop sign and pulled directly in front of her vehicle, causing the vehicles to collide. As a result of this accident, the plaintiff’s vehicle was deemed a total loss, with the cost to repair the damage sustained by her vehicle exceeding the $12,800 value of her vehicle.

As a result of this impact, the plaintiff sustained numerous serious injuries. Among the diagnosed injuries she sustained were bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple lumbar and cervical spine disc protrusions/bulges, right C5-6 radiculopathy and L5 radiculopathy, jaw pain, post-concussion syndrome with neurosis and cognitive impairment affecting concentration, memory, and comprehension, and depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

As a result of her injuries, the plaintiff underwent numerous surgical procedures in order to relieve her of her pain, including Endoscopic Laser-assisted Lumbar Discectomy, Annuloplasty and Discography, Left Carpal Tunnel Release, Right Carpal Tunnel Release, Lumbar Medial Nerve Radiofrequency Ablations, various Epidural Steroid Injections, Sarapin Injections, Fentanyl Injections and Facet Joint Injections and Sacroiliac Joint Injections as well as Acupuncture. She also underwent extensive psychiatric therapy.

The plaintiff’s life was significantly changed as a result of her injuries. Her injuries limited her to a sedentary lifestyle, unable to continue with her education for her chosen profession as a cosmetologist, and unable to do the activities which she enjoyed before this accident, which depressed her. She also gained 70 lbs from her prior weight of about 100 pounds. Her social and recreational activities were also impaired substantially.

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