Starr Gern Law Firm Resolves Automobile Accident Claim for Liablity Limits of $100,000 on behalf of Cranford, New Jersey Resident struck as a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

October 2008

On January 29, 2008, the plaintiff was a pedestrian lawfully crossing Lincoln Park East eastbound, in the crosswalk, from the corner of Lincoln Avenue East in Cranford, New Jersey. At the aforementioned time and place, defendant was operating a motor vehicle east on Lincoln Avenue East toward the intersection of Lincoln Park East. Suddenly, without warning, the defendant made a left turn and struck the plaintiff, who was still in the crosswalk. The responding police officer issued the defendant a summons for careless driving.

The plaintiff was immediately transported via ambulance to University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, where she was diagnosed as sustaining left orbital and sinus fractures, left pterygoid fracture and a left mastoid fracture, as well as a left retrobulbar hemorrhage with possible entrapment with elevated intraoccular pressure. Further, she sustained a serious concussion and head trauma with major scarring surrounding her left eye and bridge of her nose, as well as a neck sprain, left rib pain and contusions, left shoulder stiffness, swelling of the right knee, cognitive problems, anxiety. Lastly, she sustained vision loss of the left eye and nerve damage.

Attorney Jeffrey E. Grabelle was able to settle the case shortly after suit was filed, due to the extensive nature of plaintiff’s injuries, and the limited liability coverage.

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