Settlement reached for $300,000 in an Uninsured Motorist / Bodily Injury auto claim vs. NJM Insurance , after underlying commercial insurance company for responsible driver/owner declares bankruptcy.

August, 2022 – Ana Rita Ferreira and Amos Gern secured a $300,000 settlement for our 53-year old homemaker/ transcriptionist, who was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident in Cedar Grove. Her car had almost $6,000 in damage. Within 5 days, she sought care from a doctor of rehabilitation medicine, who noted her cervical spine and left shoulder injuries. An MRI of her neck revealed multiple levels of disc herniation, and an MRI of her left shoulder revealed a partial thickness tear, referred to as a SLAP tear. After an ultrasound guided steroid injection failed to give relief, an electromyogram / nerve conduction study was performed on the upper extremities, and revealed C6 radiculopathy bilaterally. She was referred for pain management treatment and spinal surgery consults, and eventually had an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with insertion of a cage at C5-C6 level to remove pressure on the spinal cord. She also underwent an arthroscopic surgery to the left shoulder with debridement of superior labral tear as well as partial-thickness rotator cuff tear, and distal clavicle resection. The case settled just before arbitration for the policy limits, when we threatened a “bad faith” action for punitive damages.

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