Settlement for $250,000 policy limit achieved for 50-year old Bedminster woman who sustained a cardiac event at scene of motor vehicle accident.

February, 2021 – Ana Rita Ferreira and Amos Gern settled a claim in the sum of $250,000 with State Farm Insurance, for traumatic cardiac/neurological injuries sustained during a June 2020 car accident in Little Falls, NJ, resulting in permanent neurological injuries to a 50-year old woman. Our client, a 20-year dispatcher at a Newark recycling company, sustained a heart attack as a result of the motor vehicle accident. After receiving EMS care at the accident scene, she was transported to an emergency department, and admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital, for 3 weeks. She was diagnosed, in part, with acute respiratory failure with hypoxia. She received extensive medical treatment for her cardiological condition, as well as for multiple complications related to her injuries, including cardiology, infectious disease, neurology, endocrinology, nephrology, hematology, pulmonology, and behavioral health care. She ultimately was referred to the cognitive rehabilitation program at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and received physical/occupational therapy and psychotherapy services. Her PIP carrier, GEICO, accepted full responsibility for its $250,000 PIP limits, after this firm asserted compelling proof of causal relationship of the injuries to the trauma sustained in the accident. She remains totally disabled and will be seeking Social Security Disability benefits in the near future.

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