Previously Traumatically Damaged Eye, Which Required Subsequent Complex Cataract Repair, Was Performed Negligently by Eye Surgeon, Resulting in a $200,000 Settlement in Essex County Medical Malpractice Suit.

August 2020

Amos Gern and David Wendel recently settled a difficult medical malpractice case in Essex County for $200,000, for a 66-year old former North Arlington resident, now residing in Florida. Our client, a former hair salon owner, had suffered a traumatic cataract in a previous fall, several years ago, and was in need of eye surgery to enhance his failing vision. He sought numerous opthalmological opinions, and ultimately decided to have a Bausch& Lomb Crystalens intraocular lens (IOL) implanted by the defendant physician, on the Dr.’s recommendation, to gain maximum sight and vision flexibility. Unfortunately, the pre-existing trauma to his eye had damaged certain vital structures which were critical to having this particular lens sit properly in the eye, and function ideally. As a consequence our client developed a serious condition known as cystoid macular edema (CME) and other infectious conditions, which required a further eye procedure, known as a vitrectomy, performed by a retina specialist. At this time, our client needs to have the dysfunctional Crystalens IOL removed and replaced by a more standard lens, but it requires an extensive period of recuperation and healing to the eye. Due to other health considerations, this further surgery has not yet been possible.

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