Amos Gern and John Brost settled a 2019 motor vehicle accident for $825,000, for a 35-year-old Cedar Grove resident.

March, 2024 – The defendant, a commercial business owner, rear-ended our fully stopped client traveling in heavy traffic, and then lied at his deposition regarding the event, blaming our client for suddenly stopping for a pedestrian crossing the highway. Our client had recorded the accident on a dash camera, proving that he was hit while at a complete stop, establishing the clear liability of the defendant for this accident. The defendant’s insurance company had a $1M combined single limit (CSL) policy, which had already paid for both vehicles’ property damage, leaving only about $968,000 available to plaintiff for his injuries. The case was settled at a settlement conference with the Essex County judge pre-assigned to try the case. Our client initially underwent chiropractic treatment, pain management, and orthopedic spinal treatment modalities, including surgery, to his neck for multiple herniated discs all of which did not relieve his pain. After extensive conservative care failed, he sought a second opinion from a neurosurgeon and required a second multi-level fusion repair, with a titanium plate, to his damaged cervical spine. He lost income due to his disabilities and received NJ State Disability on two occasions following his surgical treatment. He was also substantially limited in assisting his mother to care for his completely disabled adult brother, with whom they resided in Cedar Grove.