Amos Gern and John Brost settled an Essex County motor vehicle suit for $393,515, the full remaining limits on the defendant’s NJM auto policy, on the trial date.

August, 2023 – Our client, a 48-year-old Montclair resident, was traumatically injured while a passenger in her friend’s car, which was totaled, as the airbags deployed. She was taken to Mountainside Hospital by ambulance with head, neck, back injuries, severe bruising to her thighs, and injury to her knees. She underwent multiple epidurals and pain management procedures to the spine, for multiple cervical and lumbar herniated discs. Ultimately, she had right knee surgery and a fusion surgery to her lower back at L5/S1. The hematomas of her legs remain 8 years post-accident. She continues to require pain management to this day and is a likely candidate for a cervical spine fusion at C6/C7 in the future. Brost and Gern previously had settled the separate bodily injury claim of our client’s driver/friend for $90,000.