Amos Gern and John Brost settled an Essex County hit and run car accident for a total of $105,000.

August, 2023 – Our client, a 59-year-old business analyst for the City of Newark, was struck from the rear.  He was transported from the scene by ambulance to Clara Maass Medical Center for treatment in the Emergency Room, where he complained of neck and low back pain with burning/tingling. He came under the care of pain management and orthopedic specialists. MRI studies revealed a lumbar disc herniation at L5/S1, and a traumatic superior labral anterior-posterior (SLAP) tear, which required shoulder arthroscopy with rotator cuff repair. An orthopedic surgeon expert opined that all of his injuries were permanent, and a radiologist consultant determined that the shoulder MRI findings “were indicative of acute force applied to the shoulder, resulting in these injuries.”  We also collected another $5,000 from one of the other vehicles involved in the 4-car accident, which was likely not at all responsible for the accident.