Henry J. Cistrelli, secured a workers’ comp settlement of 100% permanent disability for 43-year-old roofer who fell from a scaffold sustaining traumatic brain injury with loss of sight.

Our client fell 30 feet from a collapsing scaffold sustaining a traumatic brain injury with complete left eye and partial right eye blindness. This settlement was reached, with the assistance of Amos Gern and David Wendel, after a partial trial of the workers compensation claim petition was initiated. Our client had previously been provided with over $2 million in medical and lost income benefits, from his employer’s workers compensation insurer.   In addition to the payment of a lifetime monthly disability benefit, the award also provides lifetime medical treatment for conditions related to the worker’s accident.  The disability payments have an overall projected value of $843,000, tax-free, paid over the balance of the injured worker’s lifetime. A third party liability suit, being handled by Mr. Gern and Mr. Wendel, against the property manager for the apartment complex site of the accident, where 4 other workers were also injured, in the scaffold collapse, remains in litigation in Essex County Superior Court.

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