Henry J. Cistrelli and Amos Gern settled a worker’s compensation claim for over $144,000 for a tractor trailer operator.

July, 2023

Our client, a 63-year old tractor trailer operator, was struck in the rear by another tractor trailer.  Due to the impact of this accident, our client has 100% loss of hearing in his left ear and additional binaural loss.  Our client had multiple audiograms documenting his hearing limitations, all of which were found supportive of his claimed disability. As a result, he had to be fitted with a Cros-type hearing aid, which enabled the right ear to capture functional information transmitted to his damaged left ear. Furthermore, our client also received a partial disability for a hip injury sustained in the accident. Our client also had a third-party action pending in the United States District Court in Newark, seeking a recovery for the negligence of the other driver, in which he will have a lien totaling $138,162.04, for his total compensation award in this matter.