Henry Cistrelli and Amos Gern settled a work-related accident, for a 44-year old project manager, for $210,000, who sustained serious back injuries, a fractured nose, and required foot surgery.

Starr Gern’s Workers Compensation and Personal Injury group resolved a complex litigation at a Mediation, for our client who fell from a deck that collapsed at a local condo complex. Our client was on the premises to oversee a resident’s aluminum siding replacement work, which was being performed by a sub-contractor for the homeowners association. As he stood on a deck attached to the rear of the condo unit to address an issue the homeowner raised, the deck suddenly collapsed, causing him to fall approximately fifteen (15) feet to a brick paver patio below, sustaining the injuries noted. Henry Cistrelli achieved a very favorable award in the workers compensation claim, resulting in a required compromised reimbursement lien of over $127,000, which impacted the ultimate resolution of the third-party civil lawsuit in Essex County Superior Court against various service and architectural contractors, and the homeowners association.  The case also involved unusual contractual indemnity provisions between the parties, which made settlement quite complex.

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