Former Police Officer Injured in the Line of Duty Settles for $390k in Morris County.

August 2020

Amos Gern and Mayra Suazo-Aquino recently recovered $390,000 in a hotly-contested Morris County lawsuit, which we co-counseled with another colleague, for a 49 year-old former NJ State Trooper from Mountain Lakes. Our client sustained a severe traumatic hand/upper extremity injuries which developed into a full-blown disabling neurological condition known as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which ended his law enforcement career. CRPS (also known as RSD, regional pain syndrome) is a chronic pain condition that is characterized by prolonged or excessive pain, with changes to skin color, temperature and/or swelling to the affected area. It is permanent, progressive, systemic,  and there is no cure.  Our client sustained this injury while engaged in a gang-related arrest at a large Newark housing complex in one of the highest crime areas of the city, while part of an organized law enforcement initiative organized by the NJ Attorney General’s office.  He was injured while climbing a dangerous internal 7-foot chain link fence which had metal twists at the top, and was improperly designed for this residential property. His effort to scale the fence was part of an exigent situation required to assist his team members, who were in danger of being shot and otherwise attacked by gang members, while he and other troopers were seeking to make arrests. Our client became physically and psychologically totally disabled from his law enforcement career, and any other gainful employment, and was forced to take a disability retirement from the State. The settlement was reached with the insurance companies for the property owner, the property management company, and the security company at the premises. The settlement was reached following a failed mediation proceeding with a retired trial judge, and while pre-trial motions were pending in Court. 

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