Ana Rita Ferreira and Amos Gern Achieved $300,000 settlement for 28-year-old Brooklyn, NY resident in Federal lawsuit.

October, 2023 – Our client suffered a serious left upper arm fracture, due to falling from a horse at a riding stable. This accident was caused by the improper placement of a plywood panel by the owners/tenants negligently repairing a barn door at the facility. The plywood fell to the stable floor, causing the horse to throw the plaintiff, an experienced equestrian, when it was startled.  Our client, a junior executive assistant at the time for a major news organization, was transported to a local ER, and ultimately underwent an open reduction, internal fixation of her arm fracture at a NY hospital. This repair later required further surgery to remove the hardware that had been placed, leaving our client with an 8-inch permanent keloidal scar. This suit was complicated by asserted statutory immunities under the Equine Activities Liability Act, a Release and Waiver signed by the plaintiff, and two healthcare ERISA liens. Our firm defeated the motions to dismiss and successfully settled this matter against multiple defendants.