Eleven-year Old Hunterdon County Girl is Secured a Policy Limit-$100,000 Settlement in Pedestrian Accident.

August 2020

Amos Gern and David Wendel have settled a claim for an 11-year old Hunterdon County girl, who was struck while crossing a local county road in Lebanon Township. On September 18, 2019, our client was in the midst of walking across the middle of a darkened roadway, when she was hit by an on-coming vehicle and dragged about 20 feet. She sustained serious traumatic fractures to her facial bones, ribs, pelvis and bilateral ankle injuries. Most significantly she suffered severe head and brain contusions, requiring extensive in-patient hospitalization at Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, NJ for serious cognitive limitations. She remans under active orthopedic and neurological care, and has missed an entire school year due to her lengthy rehabilitation toward recovery.  Our client’s financial settlement was limited by the defendant driver’s modest insurance coverage with Plymouth Rock Assurance, and no other insurance sources were found. That being said, but for the limited available coverage, it is likely that this case would have been strongly contested by the adverse driver, due to the extensive comparative fault on the part of our young client.

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