David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a suit vs the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) and its maintenance company for $442,00 for an Essex County resident.

June, 2024 – Our client, a 62-year-old Fairleigh Dickinson University professor, was attempting to enter the bus terminal through a revolving door when she slipped and fell on a rain-drenched floor. She sustained a displaced comminuted fracture of the distal shaft of the humerus, with a 3-part butterfly fracture, requiring an open reduction and internal fixation, which disabled her for close to a year, and left her with a disfiguring scar on her upper arm. We were able to establish liability through extensive depositions of PABT witnesses, and its contracted maintenance company staff. Our engineering and weather experts established the clear responsibility of the defendants for inspecting and maintaining PABT’s means of ingress/egress to doorways and walkways free of pedestrian slipping hazards in the form of known and predictable rainwater being tracked into the revolving door enclosure floor surface. It was settled just before cross motions for summary judgment were being considered by the trial judge, after being hotly contested, thoroughly prepared for trial, and following a rejected lower offer at a mediation. A Medicare lien of $28,000 was awaiting final negotiation upon conclusion of the litigation.