David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a slip & fall on ice for $165,000 for a 75-year-old West Orange children’s book illustrator.

June, 2024 – Our client fell on clear black ice about 20 feet from the service entrance of a car dealership in Denville, NJ, where he arrived for an appointment first thing in the morning. The weather was sunny, but the temperature was below freezing. He was taken to a local hospital by EMS, and was hospitalized for 8 days with a final diagnosis of a severe  hamstring tear, unrelenting pain, and a blood clot to his left leg. Upon discharge he was unable to ambulate due to severe pain, required the use of a rollator, and was transferred to Kessler Rehabilitation Institute for 11 days of in-patient treatment. At rehab, he underwent a Doppler ultrasonogram, which continued to demonstrate left posterior tibial and peroneal blood clots and was started on Lovenox medication.  He had continued left hip pain, low back pain and left lower extremity pain, requiring the use of a cane. He underwent physical therapy, and was then referred to an orthopedist and hematologist. An MRI study of the left thigh diagnosed a high-grade rupture of the common hamstring tendon, with retraction and a hematoma, and a quadriceps tendonitis, low-grade partial tear. His left arm and hand demonstrated median nerve pain in his left wrist,  for which he consulted a hand specialist. As part of this settlement we had to address a $34,000 Medicare lien to conclude the claim.