David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a Federal lawsuit in a tractor-trailer/car accident on Route 80 for $150,000 supported by Defendant’s dash cam footage.

June, 2024 – Our client, a 58-year-old Hopatcong seamstress was taken to the ER by ambulance and afterward sought chiropractic care where she was treated three times per week for the next four weeks and provided manual manipulation to her neck and lumbar spine. She was then referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon, for evaluation and diagnostic testing of her cervical and lumbar spine, right shoulder and ankle. She also underwent a course of PT. She was sent for MRI studies of her neck, which revealed disc herniations at 3 levels, C3-4, C5-6, and C6-7, the latter also showing annular tearing. Her back injury required another MRI, which revealed two levels of significant herniations at L4-5 and L5-S1, the latter impinging the thecal sac at the left S1 root with inferior migration, causing severe left leg radiculopathy. This continuing radiating nerve pain required an epidural injection. Her right shoulder required an MRI study as well, which revealed interstitial tearing within the distal interior supraspinatus tendon, mild AC joint impingement, and a SLAP tear within the biceps tendon, leading to arthroscopic surgery. She had adequate PIP coverage to address her medical billing.