David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a claim for a 69-year old career nurse for $500,000, for severe injuries to her neck, resulting from 2 motor vehicle accidents, six months apart, in 2016 and 2017.

May, 2023

In the first accident, our client sustained multiple fractures to her cervical vertebrae, and fractured ribs, toes, and sternum, when she was cut-off by a “phantom” vehicle, causing her to lose control and run off the highway. She struck a sign, and her car was totally demolished. She also lost a considerable time from her duties as an operative room nurse, which duties she ultimately had to discontinue following her second accident, when she was evaluated as a surgical candidate by a spinal specialist after this accident. As noted, she was then rear-ended by a box truck, a few months later, and as an “egg-shell” plaintiff she developed further complications to her cervical spine, for which she underwent a cervical fusion surgery in February 2020. This resulted in a second period of disability, and limitation to her clinical nursing duties. The claims were disputed as to causation, and permanency, but were settled 2 years apart for $300,000 on the Uninsured Motorist claim (maximum coverage), and $200,000 on the eve of trial for the second incident.

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