David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a 2020 Monmouth County car accident for $200,000 for a 61-year old client, with shoulder and spinal injuries, which also led to cardiac complications.

April, 2022 – Our client started with chiropractic treatment, but was soon found to have more serious injuries. She underwent a left shoulder arthroscopic repair and subacromial decompression procedure with a surgeon from Rutgers/University Hospital. Further, due to positive MRI and EMG diagnostic findings, she had a series of epidural steroid injections at C7-T1 and L5-S1 from a pain management specialist. Unfortunately, during one of the procedures, she developed chest pain, and was diagnosed with a heart attack. This led to an admission to Saint Barnabas Medical Center for a triple bypass surgery, with two stents, and further heart-related complications. While this cardiac care was not precipitated by the pain management procedures, an internal medicine expert opined that there was a degree of causation related to the need for administration of steroids. Further, her cardiac limitations prevented her from continuing her pain management course, and the need to alleviate her chronic spinal pain.  The case resolved at a settlement conference in Court, shortly before it was to be arbitrated.

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