David Wendel and Amos Gern settled a 2017 tractor-trailer accident for a 41-year old Bayonne resident for $415,000, at Mediation, a week before the Hudson County lawsuit was scheduled for trial.

February, 2022 – Due to the unusual configuration of the roadway in Jersey City, in which the tractor-trailer negligently turned left from a local roadway and collided with our client’s vehicle while Plaintiff was stopped just before the crosswalk, it became necessary to hire an accident reconstruction expert. The impact of the collision with the trailer of defendant, dragged plaintiff’s vehicle, causing him to sustain lower back injuries, which required multiple MRI studies, pain management with epidural injections, spinal surgery, and ultimately a permanent dorsal column spinal cord stimulator in December 2020, to alleviate his constant pain. This drastic remedy was described by his spinal surgeon as “an imperfect, salvage–type procedure for treatment of patients with chronic pain and disability.” Due to the nature of the virtual trial procedure adopted in Hudson County Superior Court, it became necessary to put the medical treating expert from NYC on video tape to present his potential trial testimony. A significant procedural step in this case required successful litigation to challenge an initial denial of PIP-medical benefits for our client on the grounds that he was on duty as a ride-share operator at the time of the accident, when he was in fact off-duty.

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