David Wendel and Amos Gern resolved a tractor-trailer accident for $150,000 for a 25-year old NY resident who sustained serious right knee and right shoulder injuries while a “sleeper” passenger.

Our client was injured when the operator of his rig crashed into another tractor-trailer. Our client was not regarded as “on duty” at the time, since he was sleeping in the tractor’s sleeper berth. This permitted him to avoid the limitations of a workers compensation claim, and allowed him to access his private health insurance and disability benefits to receive treatment upon his return to the east coast, following release from emergency care in NM. Eventually he was diagnosed by MRI and x-ray to have a high-grade partial-thickness tear of the posterior cruciate ligament of the right knee, and a nondisplaced fracture to his right scapula. He remained disabled for several months, under orthopedic care in Queens County where he resided. An orthopedic evaluation with a physician in NYC concluded that future knee surgery for PCL reconstruction was likely at a significant cost.

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