David Wendel and Amos Gern concluded a 2019 motor vehicle accident for $275,000, for a 37-year old Montville resident, who was a front-seat passenger in a serious two vehicle, head on collision.

February, 2022 – Our client was a passenger in a car driven by her mother, which crossed into the opposite lane of traffic, causing this accident. The plaintiff who had a concussion, awoke on the pavement lying next to her grandmother, who had died in the collision. She was taken by ambulance to Morristown Medical Center, admitted for 2 days, and treated for a lacerated left kidney, left rib contusion, back and neck pain, and shock, with suspected concussion and seizure. She came under the care of a pain management practice for her lumbar spine injury, had positive MRI and EMG studies, and our radiologist consultant’s review diagnosed evidence of an acute herniation of the nucleus pulposus of the L4/5 disc. A pain management expert diagnosed her spinal injury as permanent. Further, our client, an administrative assistant to the CEO of a financial services company, was disabled for 3 months from her job, resulting in lost income of over $33,000. Most importantly, our client sustained an aggravation of her underlying psychiatric issues requiring her to actively consult her mental health providers in NYC, and a local clinical psychologist, who diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This was confirmed and further addressed by a forensic psychiatrist hired by counsel.  While our client asserted an emotional “Portee”-claim for the effects of witnessing the death of her maternal grandmother, the family was unwilling to pursue a wrongful death claim against the mother-driver, adequately insured by NJM Insurance.

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