Ana Rita Ferreira and Amos Gern settled a Cherry Hill car-bicycle accident for $210,000 for a 69-year old Philadelphia attorney, who sustained serious hip and lower back injuries.

January, 2022 – Although testimony disputed the degree of impact, and the aftermath of the collision, plaintiff was able to establish full liability against the NJM insured car for his injuries. The carrier agreed to pay the full value of our client’s damaged bike, leaving about $298,000 available from the NJM CSL policy. Our client’s injuries included an exacerbation of pre-existing left hip pathology leading to left hip replacement, a herniated disc at L4-5, spondylolisthesis of L-5 on S-1 with radiating nerve pain documented on EMG, and compression fractures at T-12 and L-2. The degree of pain and pathology made our client a clear candidate for an anterior interbody fusion at L-4 through S-1 according to a neurosurgeon he consulted, but with considerable risk. As a result, he contacted his pain management specialist, who recommended a spinal cord stimulator trial, which if successful would lead to permanent placement. Our client was just undergoing clearance for this procedure, when the case settled just before court-mandated arbitration.

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