Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller settled a suit for $490,000 for a Union County woman seriously injured in a 7-car pile-up.

July, 2023

Our client, a 65-year-old woman, was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the NJ Garden State Parkway resulting in emergency surgical and rehabilitation admissions for 16 days.  She sustained a complete transverse fracture through the distal femoral shaft of her right leg, which required an open reduction with an insertion of a shaft to repair the injury. She further sustained very serious thoracic vertebrae compression fractures, which required her to wear a back brace for many months, and she remains in active physical therapy.  She also sustained fractured vertebrae in her neck, and multiple fractured ribs. She developed severe anxiety and sought psychiatric counseling to cope with her difficulty sleeping at night, social withdrawal, and crying spells. Due to the severe nature of our client’s injuries, and the clear liability of the commercial vehicle, this case was settled by Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller in 7 months’ time.