Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller settled a Passaic County case for $115,000 for a single mother of 3 injured in motor vehicle accident.

July, 2023

Our client, a 46-year-old single mother of 3, was injured in a car accident in Clifton, NJ, in which her vehicle sustained over $8,000 in damages, causing a left knee injury and a midline annular tear and broad-based disc herniation in her neck. As a result, our client had to undergo a left knee medial and lateral meniscectomy. She had an epidural injection under anesthesia for the herniation at C-5/6 and was advised by a neurosurgeon that she would benefit from a cervical artificial disc replacement or an anterior cervical disc fusion. Unfortunately, due to no insurance coverage, she was unable to get the needed surgical care. The case was eventually settled by Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller after court-mandated arbitration.