Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller settled a commercial vehicle passenger’s injury claims for a 38-year old Essex County resident for $160,000, at a recent mediation with a retired judge.

October, 2021 – Our client, an administrative assistant at a local hospital, was a passenger in a commercial vehicle who sustained an injury to her right shoulder which required surgical correction, specifically a right shoulder arthroscopy with superior labral anterior and posterior(SLAP) repair.  A second right shoulder arthroscopy SLAP re-repair, was required after only 2 years, due to continued pain and limitations, including child care for a 3-year old. No lost income was claimed.  As a result of the surgical interventions made to her right shoulder, our client has significant keloidal arthroscopic scarring to the shoulder.  The settlement included repayment of a Medicaid lien.

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