Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller settled a Bergen County suit for $175,000 against a commercial truck.

July, 2023

Our client, a 27-year-old passenger, was on her way to work in NYC as a paralegal on board an NJ Transit bus when the bus was struck in the rear by a commercial box truck on Route 80 East. After emergency room and chiropractic treatment, our client was treated by pain management doctors for injuries to her neck and back, the most serious of which was disc bulging, with a central disc herniation and annular tear impinging the L4-L5 level. She had multiple epidural injections under anesthesia, and eventually underwent an endoscopic decompression and discectomy with percutaneous annuloplasty at L4-L5. As part of the settlement, Amos Gern and Stewart J. Miller had to negotiate payment of several unpaid medical bills, due to our client’s limited health coverage.