Amos Gern and Mayra Suazo Aquino settled a 2019 fall, for a 13-year old, at a rented residential house, on defective stairs, resulting in a fractured nose, for the $100,000 policy limits.

March, 2021 – The stairs, with broken spindles and a loose banister, at this rented property, had been the subject of repeated complaints by our client’s mother. Photos and videos were recorded of subsequent repairs, documenting the veracity of the cause of this accident. A professional engineer hired by this office, documented the alleged defects. Emergency room care, treatment by a family practitioner, and immediate referral to an ENT specialist at Rutgers/University Hospital documented the surgical need for open repair of nasal septal fracture. Due to continued breathing and sleeping problems, an endoscopic septoplasty for the deviated septum, bilateral submucosal inferior turbinate reduction, to address nasal vestibular stenosis was again performed by the same surgeon 2 years later. Unfortunately, the landlord’s homeowner’s insurance was only $100,000. We also addressed a Medicaid lien, and created a structured settlement for this child, all of which had to be approved at a “friendly settlement” hearing in Court.

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